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SMS-Receive.Online Is a Free Service For Receiving SMS Messages And Voice Mails Online. There Is No Need To Register. Just Select Your Phone Number From The List Below. You Can Use It To Receive Messages From Facebook, Telegram, WeChat, VK, PayPal, AliPay, Whatsapp, Google, Yahoo, Fiverr, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon and more







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Your privacy is very important! With our temporary phone numbers you don't have to provide your real phone number on other websites.

Free SMS

Our SMS receiver service is free for everyone and will always be free. We won't charge you for any SMS you receive or phone number you use.

Fast Receiver

The most text messages that were send to our sms numbers arrive after some seconds. This means you don't have to wait minutes or hours like on other sms platforms.

World Wide

You can send a text from a number from many different countries, and you will find that these numbers span a wide range so that people cannot get the idea of your true location. You must see if your country is listed, and you will find that there are more numbers available every day

It Is Free

Receive SMS online is a free service, and it can be started right now without registration. You are given a virtual phone number to use, and you can use that number for as long as you like. The texts will come up on the page as soon as they come through.

Disability Access

The website can easily be used by people with disabilities via the PC. A screen reader allows you to read the SMS and the usability is much better than a smartphone.

Terms of services


Information For The User 

Currently, a growing number of websites – social media platforms, online stores, different services came to use a registration confirm (other times even authorization) by sending an SMS on cell phone numbers. This association can be exceptionally usefully if you would like to protect meaningful data on your account, but it has disadvantages. Nobody ensures you that spammers won’t get point-out information, and they will tire the owner of the smartphone filling up the ads and “hot deals” permanently.

Fortunately, by virtue of our service providing free SMS numbers, anyone who feels like it is able to register on the targeted website without the necessity of pointing out your actual number, thus you would ensure yourselves against intrusive advertising.

Advantages do not end here. Online SMS-receiving also allow:

Realize a plural of registries on websites. It is often that creates an account needs not only to note your telephone number but limits users on the principle of “one account – one number”. But you can make a large number of profiles, for example, on Facebook, Google or eBay, as many as you want. It may be useful specifically to publishers and SMM proficients using accounts on social networks for promoting their projects and making money on this.

Save the anonymity. It is notorious knowing the number allows finding out a lot of facts about its owner, up to a full file and location address. Far from everybody can make mind to it. Fortunately, free SMS numbers save you from the necessity to show your real number on the Internet. 

Protection against intruders. Safety for Internet users is very important, especially for who makes financial business in an online environment and keeps meaningful data on the computer. If the website, on which you want to register, carry little credibility, it is a headlong decision to enter personal information, whether that be your full name, account number or phone number. Making a “fake” save you from risk because free SMS numbers are not assigned to neither your personality nor your IP-address you come on the website of our service.  

Event and distribution participation. A large number of websites run campaigns and free distribution of different worth things (for example, digital keys for some software), and they add an association to a phone number in order to not allow to people to overdo their actions, taking a large number of same presents per customer. Free SMS numbers allow to pass these issues and to collect perks by the hundreds literally, either you want to keep or to resale it. 

Passing geography-specific issues. It is known that there are cases when one or another project on the net do not allow to register for people from some countries. It may happen because of some bureaucratic stuff, for example, if one of the business partners of some service buys out exclusive rights on working with users of your region, but often the reason is so common at all. SMS of local operator just do not arrive in the foreign addressee. Our service deals with this issue too, providing free SMS numbers from different countries.

Operating Manual

Theory of operating our services is quite simple. The users are not required to register and fill out any forms for personal data. It is enough for users to get acquainted with a list of access numbers for that moment selecting a most profitable case for themselves. That’s all! One last thing you should do is copy your number from the website and put it in the field on the service demanding you SMS-confirming. If the SMS-receiving goes off well, the new message with important information for you appears on the phone number page.

Doesn’t it work on the first try? No big deal. There are many websites and services having problems with SMS-delivery on numbers of concrete operators. It thus seems reasonable to try with the other numbers. Besides, it happens from time to time that messages come caused by the sender or cell network. It is well worth to wait about 2 or 3 minutes.

The work features of our project suppose that free SMS numbers can be changed periodically. The users should certainly take into account that fact using our service for registrations. If you plan to resend SMS from that service where your account is registered on our phone number, for example, in a month or two, it is far from certain that number will be activated. Consequently, all sent messages to the specified address can’t be read, also, you can’t restore access in case of losing log in or password or unavailability of passing into account of e-mail.

How The Service Works

The virtual phone number to receive SMS for free is available for every visitor of this site. In the base, we have lots of the real and active SIM-cards mobile operator. The phone numbers are available for the client only online – when you visit and use the site, so that is the only reason why it is called virtual. The delivery time of the SMS depends on the mobile operator overloading, but usually, when you ask for the message to come, it comes in five seconds, but sometimes due to some reasons, it takes more time.

If you want to receive segmented messages, some users may have sent you, you will get it on your virtual phone number for SMS receiving only when the last part of the message will be delivered. It is rather convenient and comfortable to use, since there are lots of people using the service online, and with this method of segmented messages delivery you won’t get confused or puzzled.

Terms Of Use

Our company and the personnel are not responsible for any of the abuse of the benefits of the provided numbers if it happens. The service is also not responsible for the access lost to the accounts you have registered, using these virtual numbers. The virtual numbers for SMS receiving are not created for the criminal or illegal activity usage (such as fraudulent operations, the distribution of drugs and something like that) and if the law enforcement agencies ask for the information connected to the cases like those, the service will give them the necessary data.

I also recommend following some general rules and safety regulations while using the service. You should understand that the online numbers for SMS receiving for free are available for everyone, visiting the site, even without registration. So every unregistered user will be able to open the service page and see the list of the messages. These messages may be not only his or hers, but these are the messages, sent to some other users. If the messages sent contain such private information as the login, password, info with the help of which the frauds can log in your account, as well as the service (sending you the message), everyone might use it. So, be aware of this before sending such private information. These people may write to someone, ask to send money on their accounts and so on from your behalf. So, that is why it is not recommended to use the virtual SMS receiving system for the registration of your personal accounts with the information about you.

For now, you can only use the website to receive the messages and interact with the service, just using your browser. The users pick up a number themselves among the list and receive the messages there. We use the automated software, which accumulates, collects the numbers and allows using them for the mass SMS sending. The SMS receiving for free should be available to every user, and those who use the automated methods can just interfere with the normal operation of the resource. If you try something like that, you will be blocked.

Prohibitions And Restrictions

In order to exclude the possible use of the service for fraudulent purposes and for other illegal activities, the virtual number for SMS receiving have the in-built filters. The messages coming from the list of the forbidden addresses (such as bank\ credit organizations, electronic payment systems and the similar projects – you can see this list on our website) will not be shown on the page of the incoming SMS.

The SMS receiving for free works in free mode in other cases. There are no prohibitions or restrictions concerning the country of your residence and so, a user may live in any country, just having the internet access. There are no limits concerning the quantity of the received messages. You can register dozen and even hundreds of times if it is necessary. But sometimes the problem may happen: if you are trying to use the system and the number you picked is not available, that would mean the phone for SMS receiving is already being used by another user, and the doubles are unacceptable. But this may be solved by just choosing some other phone number.

To sum up, all that has been said by highlighting the main points:

1 - Our service provides any internet user with the phone numbers for SMS receiving, and, by the way, which is free of charge – it is not one-time or monthly fee; you also don’t need to enter your personal data if it is not necessary.

2 - The SMS receiving for free is available with no registration, which has its pros and cons. The positive side is that you economize your time, and the negative one is that your messages are available for all the users and they can easily see them. If someone interested in you will get enough of data, this person will be able to log in using your account.

3 - Each phone number has the real SIM-card of a mobile operator of some country. The list has the number from tens of countries – Russian Federation, the USA, France and many more.

4 - Free phones for SMS receiving may be used for different purposes, except the illegal ones. The usage of this service along with automated programs may be another reason for the blocking.

If you agree on these terms, get ready to choose a free phone number for SMS receiving from the available list and use it to complete your tasks. Thanks for your attention and don’t forget to save our website at your bookmarks. 

By using our website, you hereby consent to our Privacy Policy and agree to its Terms and Conditions.